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23 August 2012

Missed yesterday because of computer problems, but after a couple of restarts, and a defrag my little laptop is humming again. So here we go.

I can see that I’m getting better even after a couple of days of setting time aside to concentrate on drawing a variety of combination of features, I started with simple faces as recommended in the lesson. Some just copy the simple examples and then expanding into the funny animal mugs in the style of Ub Iwerks.


That was fun, you can see where I started to have my little faces look up. Then I moved on into ladies faces and tried some caricature again.



Brother Mitt still looks like Jay Leno. I haven’t gotten past the chin as Mitt’s defining characteristic and that’s the problem. >sigh< Laughing guy and the perky lady came out pretty good though. The ability I am trying to develop is to make every drawing match the emotion I have set out to illustrate, not just scattershoot until something fits.



I watch Svengoolie’s monster features and I’m subscribe to his facebook page. Since his character makeup is stylized to begin with, his likeness wasn’t hard to recreate. That’s a typical Sven response to a comic sound clip.


I’m on my way to becoming the cartoonist I’ve always wanted to be! HUZZAH!


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