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21 August 2012

So, here’s some practice cartoon faces that were mostly caricatured from google images.




Sorry about the mixed up placement of the images, it is a scan of the whole page.



One of the cool things about my scanner is its ‘mirror’ function. I was uncomfortable with the face on the left and didn’t know what the worry was until I flipped the image. That’s when I saw that the mouth is out of place in relation to the other features. I am going to be more careful to plot out symmetry in the facial features.


That tall kid on the upper left is the restricted way I usually draw people, the others are the freer cartooning style I am trying to develop. They are a lot more fun to look at, yes?



That guy on the lower right is a likeness of Missouri Representative Todd Akin who this week announce that he believes that women have the power to deny the implantation of a fertilized egg after they have been raped


-sigh –


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